Her work includes books, plays, songs and poetry. Anything to do with words.
Here is a link to her books.

Find out more about Laura’s new book,
My Mum’s Growing Down.


Oh. just seen this. 😔❤️ thank you Judith

@philipdsjones @LauraDockrill He was the ringleader of the TURN IT TURN IT chanting. Glorious book anarchy! Absolutely brilliant and Laura did NOT talk about farting, picking her noise or being inappropriate AT ALL. No siree.

Chris has been in Manchester conjuring new collaborative conversations with the great team ⁦@Z_arts_mcr⁩ - England’s only young person focussed arts centre; plus moving forward with Elayne Ogbeta’s Anansi peice and our forthcoming co-pro of ⁦@LauraDockrill⁩ Dust

Laura does public speaking, school visits and workshops - for more information write here.
Laura takes commissions - for enquiries write here.