Her work includes books, plays, songs and poetry. Anything to do with words.
Here is a link to her books.

Find out more about Laura’s new book,
My Mum’s Growing Down.


Oh I have just treated myself to some @NigelSlater books 🙏

What an honest account of one woman's journey with such a taboo subject. Thanks @LauraDockrill for bringing hope to 1,000's of new mummies who may be suffering alone and in silence https://t.co/PyVLECSudZ #PIMH #support #PND @GMHomeStarts

I keep coming back to @LauraDockrill’s brave, brutal, brilliant piece, pausing to recognise that her experience could be any of us and we all owe it to ourselves and each other to be aware of PND and PPP, helped by people like Laura, talking so honestly.

Laura does public speaking, school visits and workshops - for more information write here.
Laura takes commissions - for enquiries write here.