Her work includes books, plays, songs and poetry. Anything to do with words.
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My Mum’s Growing Down.


Laura Dockrill on parenting, paranoia and postpartum psychosis: ‘I thought I’d been hijacked by a devil’ https://t.co/pHFtNDoLS6

Thanks @LauraDockrill for being so brave and honest in this article about #postpartumpsychosis and for making sure this story, and other experiences of maternal mental health, get heard on your #zombiemum podcast. Can't wait to listen. https://t.co/WPr8cjkPmM

@LauraDockrill @eminesaner @guardian Amazing interview - thanks for sharing @LauraDockrill 💚

Our @MedResFdn Fellow @paola_DZN @KingsIoPPN is doing some great work on #PostpartumPsychosis and changes in the brain 🧠 https://t.co/h66sRl5Pnw

Prof Dazzan will be publishing some exciting new findings soon! 👀

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