Her work includes books, plays, songs and poetry. Anything to do with words.
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My Mum’s Growing Down.


'I thought the staff were trying to kill me': the illness that can haunt new mothers | Mental health | The Guardian awareness here on this postpartum hell... ❤️ ⁦@ActionOnPP⁩ https://t.co/Zd0qhYW9QR

Just posted a photo https://t.co/PXuHjvlKsy

Okay. When your favourite author announces she has a new children’s book in the works and it’s called THE LIPSTICK and it has to do with bright fun lipstick.. you have to put on fun lipstick to celebrate, right?
(I forgot my Candy Yum Yum, so put on Show Orchid at the bus stop!)

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